The Copywriter for Customer Engagement Solutions

The Copywriter Experience
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The Copywriter for Customer Engagement Solutions

…and all of your marketing and advertising needs.


“Erick Hoxter is one of Delaware’s most unearthed gems when it comes to copywriting.” – Jason Aviles, CEO at Flyogi

He has dedicated his life to understanding emotional triggers, what drives human behavior, buying habits, and so much more. As a result, he has decided to take his skills and experience from many different selling environments and started a copywriting business.


Erick currently resides in New Castle, DE and writes newsletters, email marketing messages, online content, and manages social media accounts for his clients month after month. He can be reached directly via at or via call/text at (302) 722-1656

What we leave is our legacy. Our lives, our actions, and our morals help form the judgement of another’s life tomorrow. The thing is that we never really die; It’s what we’ve done that keeps us alive. No matter how big or how small. It is implanted in the mind of another to be discovered and analyzed like a message in a bottle.

-Erick Matthew Hoxter