Month: November 2015

3 Tips to Drastically Improve the Quality of Your Sales Pitch

Whether you like it or not, as a businessman it is important to understand the cycle of the sale and how to navigate it. To some, selling and increasing the overall revenue of your business is fun. To most, it

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3 Simple Ways to Increase the Response Rate of Your Sales Letters

In today’s age, a seasoned marketer or copywriter can happily expect a 1-5% response rate on his or her sales letters. However, it is possible to turn those 1% response rates into a 3% rate using some simple psychological tactics

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Why You Should Automate Tweets

There’s a mixed bag when it comes to automated tweets and social media posts. Some hate it. Some love it. Biggest Myth: Automating your tweets makes you seem insensitive. Twitter is a fast paced, real time, conversation. So when some

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3 Tips for Becoming a Great Copywriter

Becoming a great¬†copywriter¬†takes about as much talent as any other creative field. So the advice here should certainly be applied to all creative industries, whether you’re a freelance writer, freelance graphic designer, work for an agency, or if you just

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5 Prospecting Tips for Freelancers

Being an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer has held the stigma equating to ‘unemployed’ for many years. Just recently, those terms swung to the other end of the spectrum and all of a sudden it became “cool” to be an entrepreneur.

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