3 Tips to Drastically Improve the Quality of Your Sales Pitch

Whether you like it or not, as a businessman it is important to understand the cycle of the sale and how to navigate it. To some, selling and increasing the overall revenue of your business is fun. To most, it is a chore. However, if you can systematize the process, the sale will become way easier.

It all starts with the initial pitch. If that’s what you’re struggling with, you’ll be glad to have found this article.

Whether you’re on the phone making a cold call or actually on an elevator making a pitch the desired result is the same. You are wishing to sell your idea, service, or product. The amount of time you have doesn’t make a difference, it’s the process.

Here are three quick pieces of advice to help you with your next sales pitch, and the next pitch, and the sales pitch after that.

First and foremost, systematize the process. If you’ve been following my blog for any bit of time, you’ll notice that I advocate for even the smallest bit of systematization and automation. Creating a system that automates the process does the following:

  • Saves you tons of time that you’d otherwise have to use to prep in advance
  • Allows the pitch to sound more natural since you’ll have more than a general idea of what you’re going to say
  • Allows your pitch to be replicated no matter how short or long the format is

Here’s a FREE example of a pitch system that I could whip out no matter where I was. In fact, I’ve used this at events ranging from holiday parties/ BBQ’s to meet up’s and actual sales presentations. Ready?


I’m Erick.

What I help businesses do.

I help small businesses increase the amount of customers they reach and in turn the amount of profit they’re able to rake in.

How I accomplish what I do.

I do this through writing compelling copy in email, direct mail, and social media format.

Execution Example.

For instance, I’ve helped XYZ Inc. increase their overall profit by $750,000 just last year through an effective social media marketing campaign which utilized Facebook Sponsored Posts.

Leverage the example and ask a rhetorical.

I’ve noticed that you are in the sample-niche-here space, is a 25% profit increase something that your business could benefit from?

This last step eases the prospect into your call-to-action no matter what the situation. If in a group or presentation setting, you pass out a sheet for the prospect to fill out or request they see you afterwards; in an individual setting you set your next appointment to sit down and talk further.

The iWHEEL template has landed me many clients even when I wasn’t expecting to pitch to anybody that day. If I’m giving a presentation the template is changed to isWHEEL where I expand the intro to also tell a story. I’d also expand the Execution Example to a long form story.

Secondly, your confidence is what matters most. I’ve often said that execution is key, however if you don’t believe in what you’re executing on, or worse, can’t convince others to believe in what you’re executing on, then you won’t get very far. Confidence is the real key. Without it, your pitch will sound weak and whether you’re conscious of it or not, will convey uncertainty and doubt to the prospect(s).

There are a few easy ways to build confidence before giving your pitch.

  • Gauge your results.
    • By knowing that you’ve helped an individual or business in the past is more than enough validation that you can do it again!
    • Thinking of your results will also help you keep more Execution Examples in mind when delivering your pitch. Thus eliminating a step and helping your pitch come out naturally.
  • Listen to or watch motivational videos. This is a classic and should be 101.
    • Les Brown is a personal favorite.
  • Understand what you have to offer is of value.
    • If it wasn’t why would you be putting all of your time, effort, and money into it?

Lastly, the old adage comes into play — practice makes perfect. You’d be surprised at how few people practice exactly what they want to say before hand. Preparing for off-the-cuff situations, or encounters that occur by happenstance, is easier than one may think. Practice your pitch, practice general conversation manners, and practice your craft so that you’re able to deliver on your results.

By simply practicing your craft and practicing your pitch you put yourself ahead of 80% of others in your industry.


To schedule a consultation to discuss, analyze, and help get the most out of your current sales pitch send an email below:

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