About Erick

26 years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug, and out came Erick, the creative art enthusiast. For over a decade, Erick finds himself in sales, marketing, blogging/writing, editing, chess, music, and performing arts.

Throughout his entire professional life, Erick has worked to understand what drives consumer behaviors. From working in brick & mortar retail stores to understanding credit spending habits on the back end, from finding new ways to generate sales leads to training others to convert those sales, Erick has excelled at every part of understanding the customer experience.

He attributes his unique process to consumer behavior to his exposure to and understanding of the fundamentals the game of chess. Upon consulting Erick, you’ll find that you’ll have a tangible means to meet your goals, an understanding that makes the complex seem simple, and a roadmap to excel at your future marketing endeavors.


Also, fun fact, Erick loves talking about himself in the third person, apparently.