There are few things in life that I enjoy more than time.

As a concept, as a currency,¬† as a means of measurement… there isn’t anything more fascinating than time; nor more important.

We’ve all spent some amount of time doing things that make us completely miserable. Tasks that make our blood boil, assignments that make you think thoughts so frightening that you know you can’t speak them out loud for fear of being dragged into a mental hospital.

Our time is non-refundable with a randomly generated expiration date. Why spend it doing the things that you hate.

To earn a living, I enjoy talking about chess as well as writing sales copy. Even more so, I enjoy educating others on these topics.

You see, I’m passionate¬† about these things and they keep my fire lit. Hopefully, that’s why you’re here. Because you enjoy pushing pawns down your opponents throat, or you enjoy using the written word to earn new business.

Whatever it is that brings you here… I hope you enjoy your stay and keep doing the things that you love most.

– Erick