Our Customer Engagement Solutions are tailored to fit your goals.

Pricing: $1,200/month or $10,000/year (31% savings!)

We focus on generating new business, building email lists, and earning repeat business for your company

Email Marketing Messages

Consistent contact with your email subscribers is vital for the success of your business. It keeps you at the top of your prospects and customers mind while enabling you to later sell to them. It is a prime means of advertising promotions if you find the best strategy for communication.

Blogging and Online Content

Blogs and other means of online content (Facebook Notes, LinkedIN Pulse articles, etc.) work as a means to provide value for the customers and prospects in your industry. This does two things. 1. It helps you build credibility directly to your target market 2. It builds trust. by demonstrating that you’re a subject matter expert and an expert authority that is capable to handle all of your potential customer’s needs.


Social Media Management

Let’s face it. If you don’t, at the very least, have a Facebook Business Page or aren’t listed on Google then you are missing out on tons of traffic opportunities. A Google Listing helps you become found in relevant search results. A Facebook page helps you reach a ton of traffic at the cost of peanuts.


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Today’s Tip: 

Four of the biggest things your business can benefit from are a solid e-mail marketing campaign,  a content marketing strategy that will position you as a subject matter expert, attractive lead generating ads, and a website or landing page that’ll inspire your prospect to take action immediately.